Scott Signore Discusses Communications That Matter

Scott Signore Discusses Communications That Matter
August 12, 2022 Eric Berman

Q: As Principal and CEO, tell us about Matter Communications’ approach to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, noting specifically your podcast On The Tech Trail that discusses Boston’s Brand problem.

A: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) is something we’ve taken seriously since Matter’s beginnings and have committed to maintaining as a priority while we continue to grow. Matter has always been a place where everyone’s unique contributions, viewpoints and identities are valued and respected. We formally established our Diversity Committee in 2018 as well as a host of associated initiatives and Employee Resource Groups to be more intentional and ambitious about the ways we can foster a culture of belonging for everyone, while holding ourselves accountable to increase our diversity and be a leader on this front. From more direct representation of these values across our website and internal/external assets to mandatory DEI Training Programs for all staff, we continue to pride ourselves on being results-oriented with the understanding that there is always more to do and learn.

I’m beyond proud of our collaboration with the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council in creating the On The Tech Trail podcast. Taking a step back to honestly reflect and shine light on issues of equity and access in a city we call home is a difficult, but necessary task. Our team’s thoughtfulness toward the discussion topics, local leaders whose stories and voices we amplified, and solution-oriented approach is something I’m always eager to share with friends, family and industry peers.

Q: Matter Communications has clients from multiple industries, and incorporates PR, creative and digital marketing and brand elevation. How does your team gather the broad ranging elements to produce a successful final product for clients?

A. It all starts with honest communication. That means gaining a deep understanding of our client’s needs, their story and how their brand is currently positioned. We’ve purposefully built our agency’s capabilities and structured our teams to deliver clients the right mix of paid, earned and owned media, focusing directly on driving sales. Whether it’s a major healthcare brand looking to share their important messages through focused media relations, or a growing B2B tech startup interested in launching a podcast to educate their audience on a new product category – or all of the above! – we have the talent in place to quickly collaborate and build a bespoke communications program fit to their unique goals and constraints.

Q: Boston’s theme for PRSA’s 75th anniversary is Communication Evolution. Talk about changes that you’ve seen in the communication and marketing industry that illustrate this evolution for your/your company?

A: Founding Matter in 2003 has allowed our agency to take part in every facet of PR and marketing’s technological revolution. The myriad impacts are undeniable. From how we build relationships with media and within our internal teams to the channels we leverage for brands to engage their audiences, to the growing value of video/audio and analytics and how we measure success, our offerings have evolved with the industry at every turn. As I see more agencies begin to adopt full-service marketing models, I’m proud to say that we’ve been ahead of the curve on incorporating video/creative services and establishing a dedicated, integrated arm to our business. But while the media landscape may change with new communication mediums constantly emerging, we continue to drive results for brands by being a nimble, proactive extension of their teams through an integrated approach. We know brand building isn’t a one-size-fits-all equation and we’re constantly investing in our agency’s people and services to expand our capabilities and position our clients in the right places, with the right messages, at the right time.

Q: What’s on your playlist?
A: Grateful Dead


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