Diane Davis Beacon Award

Each year an elite Circle of Honor grows through the addition of one of PRSA Boston’s most accomplished and generous public relations practitioners or academics. The Diane Davis Beacon Award recognizes a PRSA Boston member for his or her example of exhibiting the highest qualities of leadership, generous service, unimpeachable ethics and professional achievement.

The individual stories of the Diane Davis Circle of Honor recipients encompass decades of robust contributions in the areas of career mentoring for future generations of PR practitioners; professional ambassadorship; noteworthy achievements; and exemplary service to the PRSA Boston community that cumulatively transcend years and positions.


  • Loring Barnes, APR, Fellow PRSA – 2021
  • Diane Pardes, APR – 2020
  • Kelley Chunn – 2019
  • Nancy Sterling, APR, Fellow PRSA- 2018
  • Darlene Hollywood – 2017
  • Mark McClennan -APR, Fellow PRSA-  2016
  • Hank Shafran – 2016
  • Julie Dennehy, APR – 2015
  • Jack Jackson – 2014
  • Vic Beck, Rear Admiral, USN (Ret.) – 2013
  • Peter Morrissey, APR – 2012
  • Larry Weber – 2011
  • Professor Steve Quigley, APR – 2010
  • Barbara Wellnitz, APR, Fellow PRSA – 2009
  • Ann Getman, APR – 2008
  • Professor Kirk Hazlett, APR, Fellow PRSA – 2007
  • Pat Pollino, APR, Fellow PRSA – 2006
  • Barry Wanger, APR, Fellow PRSA – 2005
  • Professor Otto Lerbinger, Ph.D., APR, Fellow PRSA – 2004

Nomination Instructions, Eligibility + 2021 Deadline

  • Recipient Eligibility: Nominees must be members in good standing of PRSA Boston. They can be a past nominee who has not yet received this award.
  • Nominators: Any active member of PRSA Boston can submit nominations for this award, including self-nominations. The name of the Submitter is redacted from the form prior to judging to keep the focus on the Nominee’s story.
  • Deadline: TBA
  • Liability: PRSA Boston cannot be held responsible for technical difficulties that impede or prevent the electronic submission. We encourage you to confirm receipt by email.
  • Ownership: Content of the submission becomes the property of PRSA Boston and may be used for publicity.
  • Judging: Accredited members of the PRSA Boston Chapter by closed ballot.


Questions to 2021 Awards Chair: Josh Gitelson, APR at joshg1068@gmail.com


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Meet the 2020 Diane Davis Beacon Award Honoree:

Diane Pardes, APR

The Diane Davis Beacon Award recognizes a PRSA Boston Member for exhibiting the highest qualities of leadership, generous service and unimpeachable ethics and professional achievement. Diane Pardes, APR, personifies all of this, which is why she has been selected as the 2020 recipient.

Diane has forever changed, for the better, PRSA Boston, serving the chapter with honor and grace as the President, Past President, the Jack Jackson Program Lead, Delegate, and ICON volunteer.

When the chapter re-wrote its bylaws, Diane meticulously went through the entire document with the eyes of a lawyer and the mind of a master wordsmith to make it the best version the chapter could have presented to our Membership.

When the Chapter wanted to honor Jack Jackson, a PRSA Member who had been known for his sharp, incisive writing, and his passion for helping the next generation of PR professionals, Diane looked at it as a challenge. She led the program team to start the “Art of Writing” to commemorate Jack’s commitment to advancing excellence in written communication.

Professionally, Diane is one of the best PR pros in our field. She delivers strong client service and is able to consistently “wow” her clients. From communications strategy to messaging to media relations, she is one of the greats!

For instance, many PR pros specialize in one type of media coverage like those who are experts in trade press. Diane simply delivers across the board. She will share the exciting news of a New York Times hit that she has garnered in the morning with one client and then share key trade press coverage in the afternoon with another.

Lastly, Diane is generous in sharing her knowledge with young professionals. She is known to match young professionals with seasoned PR pros to help guide their paths in our field.

The Boston PR community is so very fortunate to call Diane Pardes one of our own!