PRSA cultivates leaders. Abundant opportunities exist to hone valuable leadership, communication and counseling skills while expanding a network of like-minded achievers. From our college student Emerging Leader Scholarship to our Diane Davis Beacon Award for standout practitioners, the journey between both career points is paved with programs, committees, mentoring, writing and board service that distinguish those who grab them. Recipients of local and national PRSA awards immediately join communities who share these credentials.

The governance of PRSA includes Boston chapter delegates who give our chapter a voice in the focus of membership benefits. In 2016 the PRSA Board Chair will be our long-standing member, Mark McClennan, and our chapter will host the PRSA Northeast District Conference. It’s an exciting time to dive in to some of these programs, where contributions to our larger community and professional achievement can be recognized. A worthy reminder: watch the deadlines!

For Leaders + Top Achievers

PRSA Boston links all members to communities of peer practitioners, locally and across the country. Two unique networking groups within PRSA offer both enrichment and networking for our senior-most leaders who have either the span of management responsibility and/or an exceptional record of professional accomplishment that distinguishes them nationally. Both groups qualify members through applications.

Counselors Academy: A group for GMs, Managing Directors and Principals, this is a national network of peers who are available to discuss the business and operational best practices for a public relations organization. This group gravitates to the upper echelons of our profession. In addition to quarterly gatherings, participants benefit from an instant think tank for discussion about personnel, technology, legal, marketing and financial preoccupations.

College of Fellows: From across the country to include PRSA Boston members, CAP “The College” as it is called, is an honorary community comprised of admitted Fellows – about 300 top academics, researchers, authors and practitioners – who have made enduring impacts on our profession through teaching or counsel. Fellows hold the Accredited in Public Relations (APR) credential, have worked in the profession for at least 20 years, and show a standout record of leadership, service and mentoring that contributes to the vitality and lifeblood of the profession. In addition they stand as pillars of ethics and role models for fellow practitioners and educators. Our College of Fellows include:

Loring Barnes, APR

Kirk Hazlett, APR

Patrick Pollino, APR

Nancy Sterling, APR

Barry Wanger, APR

Barbara Wellnitz, APR