APR Timeline

WINTER – Jan-Mar

Step 1 (A) Prepare

  • Check PRSA membership status with chapter to ensure its current
  • Check-in w/ APR Chair (Josh Gitelson, APR) re:  Study Plan, Networking Needs, APR Mentor
  • Gather Study Guide and Texts; ask about new Chapter Library.
  • Form Study Group, Find a Friend or Colleague. Independent Study: Learn about Web-based Cohort Sessions and Year-Round Online Course (fees apply, group discounts offered) HERE.
  • APR Boot Camp: Typically offered as a half-Saturday primer, this session with recent APRs reviews the process, indicates areas of study emphasis. For a group of 5+ the Chapter will come to your workplace.
  • Begin Writing Readiness Review Questionnaire, Assembling Case Study Portfolio with Narrative
  • Enroll in (Optional) Spring Online Cohort Session – Runs Feb – May (single or group fee applies)
SPRING – April-June

Step 1 (B) Online APR Application Due to UAB

  • Attend Spring Prep Boot Camp (April is National Accreditation Month) if you have not already done so
  • Mid-July: Submit Online Application to UAB with Payment (wait for UAB approval to proceed)
  • Summer Study: Work with your Group, Independently and your APR Mentor
SUMMER – August

Step 2 (A): Readiness Review Essay Questionnaire Due

  • July: Meet with APR Mentor for Review of Pre-Final Questionnaire (optional)
  • Mid Aug: Submit Readiness Review Questionnaire as PDF to APR Chair (must be rec’d by 5PM EDT as indicated by email stamp) by established deadline.
  • Polish + Finalize Readiness Review Portfolio for September presentation
FALL – Late Sept.-Early Oct.

Step 2 (B): Readiness Review Interviews

  • Complete Readiness Review Presentations – October dates will be offered
  • APR Panel Sends Results to UAB, UAB Gives Clearance and Receive ID to Book Computer Based Exam
Complete by mid-October

Step 3: Computer Based Exam

  • Schedule your Computer Based Exam. NOTE: The seatings book 2-3 weeks from your call so plan ahead! You need to be set by all set by mid-November.
    • After UAB Provides your test ID, register promptly to take Computer-Based Exam at a ocall Prometic Test Center (test fee applies). Your preliminary (uncertified) score will be shared with you at the end of the exam, the UAB via PRSA confirms your APR status est. 2 weeks later.

Accreditation Commitment By the Hours

  • 4 hours – (Optional) Chapter Accreditation Prep Workshop
  • 3-5 hours/week – Recommended preparation time (studying, writing, portfolio prep)
  • 2 hours – Readiness Review Panel Interview (probably on a Saturday)
  • 3:45 hours – Computer-Based Written Exam