Student & Early Career Advantage

Whether you are studying at a campus with a PRSSA Chapter or PR Student Organization or are mid-way through a Master’s program, PRSA Boston offers several ways for local students and younger practitioners to cultivate a professional network while acquiring relevant knowledge to advance their careers!

Mentoring: PRSA Boston offers a mentor-matching service for all career levels, and this can be particularly helpful to students looking to break in to the profession. It’s easy to volunteer as mentor and to make a request for this advisor as a mentee. Simply reach out via email to

Associate (Subsidized) Member Dues: Students are eligible for reduced rate (Associate) membership. With Associate Membership comes the assurance that your opportunities – to network, to hear first about new jobs and programs, and to be searchable in the Chapter’s private Member Directory – are greatest. Joining PRSA Boston as a student moving into professional status is a very small investment in graduation gift cash that can pay big dividends. Read more

August Summer + December Holiday Socials: For our Over-21 crowd, we faithfully plan a date where the program is… us! Members young and seasoned alike kick back at a relaxed gathering that draws hiring decision makers and well-placed PR experts for a night of mingling, introductions and reunions.

Young Professionals Network (YPN): Associate members often find kindred spirits among our YPN-ers, who organize educational programs and socialize while exploring topics that arise when navigating early careers. From a spontaneous Tweet-Up to an organized workshop or community service program, YPN members know that fun and networking go hand-in-hand. The Annual March Madness led by our YPN members brings out alumni pride as the PR community dons their alma mater’s gear for this energetic mixer!

PRSSA Chapters: New Associate members come to PRSA Boston through both our Student campus chapters (PRSSA) as well as Universities with degree programs and collegiate student organizations related to PR and communications disciplines (digital media, journalism, marketing, communications, etc.). We welcome college students and their faculty to our programs. Joining PRSA Boston upon graduation can accelerate your job search success.

Jack Jackson Professional Lecture Series: We continue the inspirational teaching work of Professor Jack Jackson of Stonehill College through this ‘by request’ program for your campus to have a PRSA Boston communications subject expert come to speak to a class or group. Jack left an indelible mark on the PR profession, not just on the east coast but nationally. His three-phased career – health broadcast producer, turned technology PR innovator for companies like Microsoft, turned highly popular public speaking professor at Stonehill College – inculcated his knowledge, elegance, wit and ethics among the next generation of our profession. He served our chapter as its president and our ethics officer of over a decade. Many across chapter leadership point to Jack as the person who influenced them to become highly involved in the chapter. When pancreatic cancer struck, Jack applied the skills of his career and, along with his wife Cindy and their family, become a formidable lobbyist for research fund and a prolific fundraiser. He was the editor emeritus of our new website, establishing a consistent voice to content that was authored by a group. His students took a bus from Stonehill College to see Jack receive the Diane Davis Beacon Award at WCVB-TV in 2014, his early former employer. He was vigorous, gracious and clearly intended to teach for many more years. And so in his absence, he passes this torch to PRSA Boston in perpetuity. And we accept the responsibility to support students with the same purposefulness and integrity as he would command.