Young Professionals Member Profile: Regan Schiappa  

Young Professionals Member Profile: Regan Schiappa  
September 23, 2022 Eric Berman

Q: You’re a senior media relations specialist with Walker Sands. Tell us about a project or initiative that you are especially proud of.
A: Most recently, I was included on a project for a boomerang client that we were hoping to retain again. My job for the project – to secure coverage    and wow them into working with us again. Within a month, I was able to secure six media opportunities – four briefings and two bylined op-eds. Our goal was achieved as the client has asked to extend their partnership with us!

Q: What made you go into communications/PR?
A: Growing up, I had a dream of writing a book. I loved to write stories and use the creative side of my brain. I think communications and PR allows      you to do just that. You are writing stories and developing creative angles to share with reporters. With the goal of becoming a writer, I pursued journalism in college, where I worked at the university’s news station as a reporter and anchor. Upon graduation, I got my first job as a producer at a local TV news station. After about a year there, I realized I wanted to shift to communications/PR so I could be more creative in my writing.

Q: Tell us about your background?
A: I grew up about 45 minutes outside of Boston and attended the University of Connecticut. Go Huskies!

Q: What is on your playlist and/or the last movie you’ve binge watched?
A: I have been listening non-stop to Morgan Wallen and Luke Combs’ new song The Kind of Love We Make. It’s really good music to listen to when you are working or unpacking! The last movie I watched was the new Elvis movie. I love Elvis Presley’s music so this movie was really interesting.


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