How to Attract the Best Young Professionals by Annika Sison

How to Attract the Best Young Professionals by Annika Sison
June 15, 2019 Kelly McFalls

It’s that time of the year again – GRADUATION. A big, swirling pot of emotions, brimming with hope, nostalgia, reminiscences, excitement, and drum roll, please – job hunting.

For many outgoing seniors, this last point is a rollercoaster ride. Companies can make the daunting trip a little smoother by offering young professionals a variety of benefits. To discover what exactly these benefits are, I went to a potent source of information – members of the Boston College Class of 2019. Luckily, my bright, job-ready friends were eager to share with me what workplace offerings stand out to them.

Employers, listen up!

Internally, there are two major elements that young professionals look for in potential jobs: ethical environments and meaningful assignments. These people want to know that they will be working for an organization that does the “right” thing in their eyes, resounding with their inner moral compass. Moreover, they hope that the work they will be doing will actually be contributing to company growth, allowing them to sharpen their skills and creativity.

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An enormously important part of this internal work environment is coworkers; they have the power to make or break a career experience. A team with members who have a killer work ethic and the synergy to work together effectively and efficiently is a huge asset in order to foster conducive collaboration. Additionally, supporting diversity in the workplace is a critical aspect that young professionals desire; this extends to gender, race, sexual orientation, background, etc.

Outside of the work environment, there are three areas where companies can differentiate themselves from the rest – opportunities to socialize, personal care, and professional growth. As noted earlier, who your coworkers are make a big difference. Young professionals place high importance on being able to mingle with people who share their values and interests in other settings besides in the office. Holding company-wide events, having clubs or committees that cater to common interests, and team-building activities, such as volunteering, are helpful for fostering bonds among coworkers. Next, where personal care is concerned, benefits like wellness programs, healthy office snacks, generous insurance coverage, and flexible paid leave are enticing options for young professionals. Lastly, opportunities for professional growth are influential to young professionals’ decision-making process in selecting and staying employed at their organizations. Career development can be facilitated by hosting different seminars and speakers that impart valuable new information and offering classes of interest (e.g., language classes) after working hours.

There is a multitude of factors that can impact the trajectory of a young professional – from positive work environments to ethical standards, from professional development opportunities to diversity and inclusion initiatives. By taking steps to implement these factors, companies can be the best employers and attract the best young talent in our profession.

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Student Correspondent Bio: Annika Sison is a rising senior at Boston College, double majoring in Sociology and Communication. Upon graduation in 2020, she is looking to start a marketing career in the start-up space. Her professional interests include, behavioral science, brand management, and graphic design. She is always looking to build upon her skill set and take on new challenges.


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