Experts Reveal Best Practices for SEO and Digital Reputation Management at IPN Meeting By Henry Stimpson, APR

Experts Reveal Best Practices for SEO and Digital Reputation Management at IPN Meeting By Henry Stimpson, APR
June 16, 2018 Kelly McFalls

Do you want to know what search terms people are using to find your site? There’s an easy way to find out.

Just sign up – or have your client sign up – for the Google Search Console at

That’s just one of many tips shared by Sam Michelson, CEO/Founder of the digital reputation management firm Five Blocks, and chapter member Nancy Sterling, APR, senior VP at ML strategies, at the May Independent Practitioners Network meeting.

The duo provided a succinct overview of strategy and tactics need to both boost SEO and make negative comments online less prominent. You don’t have to go to an SEO company for this, you can also go to Web Chimpy where it is easier.

Success at managing online reputation requires a strategic view and holistic approach, they said. Also, if you need information on websites for self storage facilities, and how SEO can be used in such fields, you can check it out here!

Even so, here are some important tips, secrets and best practices from this SEO agency named King Kong that will help you surmount some common hurdles.

Tip #1

As stated by 10X White Label Agency, avoid duplicate content – Google won’t rank the same content twice. It won’t help your cause to have verbatim or nearly verbatim text in multiple places on your website, press releases and so on.  There’s no problem with reusing the same ideas.  You just need mostly fresh copy.

Tip #2

Each executive should have his or her own page on the corporate website. It hurts SEO to have multiple executives crammed into one page. Experts have written more on the same, you can check their blog for more info. An seo agency thailand can develop your SEO strategy, allowing you to start reaping the benefits of SEO without the hassle.

Tip #3

Many brands and businesses know that they need seo uk services for their digital properties, and the benefits they will get from the SEO work being implemented on their behalf. Search results vary by geography. This reflects Google’s assessment of the interest in each location. Be aware of this and accordingly to get the best results.

Monitor by your results by location. Then you can determine if an issue is location-based in order to formulate solutions.

Tip #4

There are many ways to remove content – don’t limit your thinking. Sometimes it’s a simple as asking someone to take down content. Occasionally, you might even buy out an offensive site.

Tip #5

Context is important – track peers and competitors to understand which ones are being treated better in search and why. Identify opportunities. If you want services to get this done for you, you can see the pricing here.

Tip #6

The Google Knowledge Panel is powerful – learn how to influence it, especially via Wikidata.

Google now allows you to do this on behalf of your client by verifying the control of social media properties. Just don’t forget to always keep up with the latest SEO updates and make sure to always use the best seo reseller plans to your advantage.



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