Communication Evolution

Communication Evolution
February 25, 2022 Dan Dent

Communication Evolution is Boston’s theme during PRSA’s 75th Anniversary, as we spend the year examining the manner in which communicators recognize and embrace change, from the tools, to the tenets, to the people. The way PR practitioners fundamentally do our jobs continues to morph and expand just as it is rooted in its beginnings.

Since PRSA’s founding in 1947, the methods used by public relations practitioners to reach  audiences, and the associated technology, have transformed and multiplied exponentially – from newspapers, radio, and television, to cable news and entertainment networks, computers, the World Wide Web, email, cell phones, tablets, text and social media.

As in 2022, social, cultural and business dynamics ruled the day in the early 1900’s. The fertile soil of burgeoning public opinion that helped form what would become the public relations industry was sparked by several events, including:

  • Labor disputes in the coal mining industry managed by public relations pioneer Ivy Ledbetter Lee.
  • The surprise military strikes on Pearl Harbor in 1941.
  • Propaganda to rally the home front as US troops descended upon the front lines.
  • Expanding media.

Stay tuned as PRSA Boston brings you more content and programming aimed at engaging members, and the Greater Boston communication community, while elevating the discussion of the Communication Evolution.

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