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  • Strategic Public Relations for Charitable Organizations –An Interview with Dick Shaner, Jr.

    By Ariana Revelas, PRSA Boston student correspondent – Bentley University   Dick Shaner, Jr. is senior vice president at Martin…

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    FAST 5: Q&A with Corning Place Communications Managing Director and Executive Vice President, Paul W. Larrabee, APR: Five Things to Know About Integrating Strategic Communications and Advocacy Campaigns

    There has been significant debate in New York lately about the blurred lines that exist when the power of public…

  • Karen Yankovich

    Get Amazing Returns in 5 Easy Steps With PR and Social Media!

    More and more, I realize how Social Media and PR can work together to support your overall business. If you…

  • Who Ignited Cause Communications? Carol Cone, That’s Who. And She’s @ PRXNE16!

    PRXNE Keynote Speaker Carol Cone does more than CSR. She holds an impressive record of show jumping accomplishments. If your…

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    Get in Front of Your Stakeholders During a Crisis

    When a crisis hits your organization, with whom do you communicate? How? When? Being proactive with your audiences, before an…

  • PRXNE16 on Election 2016: Has The Media Become The Story?

    Four of the region’s leading political journalists will have an in-depth and dynamic conversation during the lunchtime keynote which will…