Member spotlight: Julie Dennehey

Member spotlight: Julie Dennehey
May 18, 2023 Eric Berman

Q: You’re a Framingham native, where your business is located and you have a number of  local/MetroWest clients. How does the hometown aspect factor into the success of your business? 
A: Yes, I’m a Framingham native. I moved back into my old neighborhood and I am thrilled to be close to friends who knew me when my hair was much bigger. Although few of my current clients are MetroWest based, I have always enjoyed a healthy mix of local, regional and national projects to keep my media connections as fresh as my event resources. Right now, I’m pleased to be helping T.C. Scoops ice cream shop re-open and re-energize their brand at a new Holliston location after a decade in Medway, and I couldn’t be more pleased to give the “scoop” to the Boston Globe, who recently published a feature story on owner Tina Chemini. My love for Framingham is strong and hope to contribute as much as I did in Medway, where I served on many boards and was a community leader for 28 years.

Q:  Talk to us about the top three aspects of effective storytelling? 
A: I teach my students at Boston University exactly what I counsel my clients: creative, strategic and powerful storytelling is the most important tool in public relations today – a device as old as ancient peoples sharing information around a fire before the innovation of written history. I’d surmise the top three aspects of effective storytelling today to be: simple and sticky” messages, an earned credibility by the storyteller, and creative and emotional appeals that both capture attention and prove to help the listener retain information longer.

Q: You’ve been leading Dennehy Public Relations for over 25 years with a broad range of clients- small business, non-profits and chains such as 7-11 and Macy’s. What makes a good client/agency fit, in your view?
A: Founded in 1996, Dennehy Public Relations have been connecting great brand with consumers for more than 25 years with three core values: authentic connections, solid counsel, and clear, creative communications. Those organizations and brands who believe in those same core values with a healthy side dish of mutual respect and admiration always seem to make the best fit for my boutique agency.

Q: What do you do with your free time? 
A: I love my free time when I can capture it! I read, walk, Zumba, go to the theater, see live music, play with my dog, dabble in art, kayak on the lake, volunteer, travel to our Charleston home, and mostly just spend quiet time with friends and family. As an empty nester with two great adult children, I’m re-learning what free time is and its value. I love to be busy, but I’m learning that a good life is best enjoyed in the quiet spaces between the noise of distractions and to-do list items.


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