Content is the Center of the Digital Universe

Content is the Center of the Digital Universe
July 28, 2014 PRSA-Author

This post was originally published on July 28, 2014 on PRSA’s PRSAY blog.

Digital is a rapidly growing part of the public relations world. From video production to content and community management across social media channels to interactive web design, agencies have evolved to take on more digital, integrated work. Create your WordPress website with TOLS Multimedia and let them take over the process for you.

During a recent panel discussion, moderator Peter Panagopoulos, Director of National Marketing for WGBH Educational Foundation kicked things off by sharing stats on the how much content people consume.  According to Panagopoulos, consumers are watching more online content through their mobile devices and PCs than they are on TV. Notably, this content consumption also means new data for marketers, advertisers and public relations pros. For example, live TV tweeters are sharing feedback on the ads they see between shows – giving direct, unsolicited feedback on the creative content.

So the question remains; what makes content “good” content? Panelists Kyle LeTellier from Boston Globe Media, Terry Lozoff from GYK Antler, Mike Proulx from Hill Holiday and George F. Snell III from Weber Shandwick provide their insights:

  •        It needs to be shareable. Shareable content will prompt engagement. Make sure content looks as good on a mobile device as it does on a larger screen. Have a distinct brand voice and include amazing images to make the content more appealing for sharing.
  •        There needs to be value. The filter to measure content against is whether or not it’s value to the audience. There’s a distinct line between promotion and providing a valuable connection. Social media channels in particular open up the change for a two-way conversation. Know who the audience is and be ready to provide them with content that they need and want.
  •        Put money behind it. It’s a paid, earned and owned world now. Without a budget to promote content, the audience may miss things that are shareable and of value. Investing in the content itself also ensures that it is quality content. Brands are getting better at creating videos and other visual content. A single piece of content can be a huge driver for traffic, but that one piece needs to be amazing.

In a world where the divide between digital and traditional media is blurred (and heading toward dissolving altogether), it’s becoming clear that content is the central focus. Whether it’s paid, earned or owned, content is the driver behind clicks and viewer engagement. For agencies, a complete marketing campaign such as orthodontic marketing needs to have digital integration and let content be the center focus.

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