The PRSA Boston Mentor Network

Gain Your Personal PR Career Advisor

PRSA Boston is pleased to announce the PRSA Boston Mentor Network, an online directory resource and peer-supported network group. The Mentor Network provides an opportunity for PRSA’s young professionals and PRSSA members and collegians in PR-related organizations looking to develop valuable connections with seasoned professionals of PRSA Boston.

About the Network: A Three Tiered Approach

Our three tiered approach ensures that our mentors and mentees are best matched to meet individual needs. As a member of this exclusive network, mentees have access to an online directory of area mentors who have agreed to give their valuable time, contact information, and areas of interest to help young professionals achieve their goals. Tiers include:

  1. Small group-based mentoring: Opportunities for mentors to occasionally meet with small groups of students/mentees.
  2. Project-based mentoring: Opportunities for mentors/mentees to collaborate on specific project(s) for a designated period of time – whether a resume, portfolio-building or another project.
  3. Informal/informational interview mentoring: Opportunities to occasionally and selectively connect for one-to-one informational interviews, brief phone exchanges, or via email, for specific questions.

The Mentor Network is only open to PRSA Boston and PRSSA/student club members at local colleges and universities.

Mentor Benefits

  • Provide career-support and advice to those in need/transition, while making a difference as a role model/leader in the community
  • Give back to the profession and our leaders of tomorrow
  • Nurture skills in a potential new hire

Mentee Benefits

  • Receive career goal assistance
  • Learn how to develop and nurture a professional network with access to top area professionals

For answers to frequently asked questions, click here.

Interested in joining the mentor network?

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