Fast 5: Q&A with Jane Dvorak, PRSA 2017 Chair

Fast 5: Q&A with Jane Dvorak, PRSA 2017 Chair
March 26, 2017 Kelly McFalls

PRSA Boston recently had the opportunity to chat with Jane Dvorak, APR, Fellow PRSA, and the national chair of the PRSA. She offered thoughts on how her life has changed since she was selected for this new position and how PRSA has helped her grow her business. While Jane may enjoy visiting New England to meet with PRSA members, her loyalty remains in Colorado as she is a passionate Denver Broncos fan. Wait…who won the Super Bowl earlier this year?

 Here are five questions that we asked Jane during our conversation.

Q: Now that you are National Chair of PRSA, what’s changed in your world?

A: I travel a LOT! And, I get to meet some amazing people on those journeys. It is quite heartwarming to see such passion for the profession and PRSA on so many levels and by practitioners at every point along the career continuum. I always leave a visit inspired, rejuvenated, and grateful to share in that passion and for the opportunity to lead at this level.

Q: As you visit chapters around the U.S., what’s catching your attention? Any surprises?

A: I’m encouraged that I hear PR pros talking more about the strategic side of our work than the tactical; that’s where we can really own the power of the work we do. When we are strategists we become invaluable to the businesses we work with. We can drive the conversation instead of reacting to it. That puts PR in a leadership role, which is where we need to be to really contribute to business success.

Q: You are an independent practitioner. What does PRSA do for you?

A: PRSA has built my business. In the 27 years I’ve been an independent, only three (yes, 3!) clients were retained that were not a direct link to a PRSA contact. This network is invaluable for the connections, the professional growth, and the leadership skills gained are second to none. This is one investment that has paid for itself ten fold, easily.

Q: When PRSA’s annual conference comes to Boston in October, what are you looking forward to?

A: ICON is always an energetic experience for me and I hope for all those who attend. I’m looking forward to delivering a program that will inspire and challenge practitioners to hone their leadership skills, explore industry trends, and provide an experience to expand their network of peers. I have always left ICON with new ideas, concepts and connections. It really demonstrates our mission to make our members smarter, better prepared and more connected. That’s what I’m looking forward to in Boston. Besides that, a dash of history and a lobster roll, naturally!

Q: New England Patriots or Denver Broncos?

A: Why, the Broncos, of course!


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