Broadening Perspectives in PR Josiane Martinez, CEO and Founder, Archipelago Strategies Group

Broadening Perspectives in PR Josiane Martinez, CEO and Founder, Archipelago Strategies Group
May 13, 2022 Eric Berman

Q: Tell us about Archipelago Strategies Group’s (ASG) unique and intentional approach toward multicultural marketing?

A:  ASG creates multicultural campaigns that are as diverse – in both audience and purpose – as our global staff members. Three-quarters of ASG is fully bilingual in English/Spanish and English/Portuguese, and we employ specialists in the most-spoken languages of our communities. Instead of translating marketing materials from English, ASG “trans-creates” unique assets in each key language. This helps ensure that messaging culturally resonates with the target audience, including shared imagery and references.

Our approach to developing creative assets for multicultural communities also begins with a deep understanding of the audiences we want to reach, and their systemic and perceived barriers to engagement. ASG thus frequently conducts primary research, and analyzes secondary research, to inform communications strategies and test creative concepts. To align with our vision of “marketing with purpose,” ASG specializes in social marketing to influence human behavior. Our team applies marketing principles and techniques to create, communicate and share content to achieve a more equitable common good.

Q: Last year, you were one of the Boston Business Journal’s LGBTQ Business of Pride Trailblazer Award recipients. As a well achieved Latina who identifies as LGBTQ, what is your recipe for success? How have both identities impacted your career?

A:  This is something I’m very proud of. It wasn’t too long ago that a LGBTQ woman with an accent wasn’t winning awards, or getting asked to bid on a big contract, or even part of the conversation. I think we have shown our value, our work ethic and our results speak for themselves. As the make-up of our great country continues to evolve, there will need to be a greater focus on including a wide range of perspectives at all decision tables. Those who choose not to adapt in that way will most certainly be left behind.

Q: Boston’s theme for PRSA’s 75th anniversary is Communication Evolution. Talk about some ways that you’ve seen the communication and marketing industry morph since you’ve been in business?

A: I created ASG to help our clients reach and engage with important constituencies and populations that too often are overlooked, not seen or heard, and forgotten about. For too long, non-English speaking communities and immigrant populations were always thought of last when a PR plan or a marketing plan was being created. We set out to change that so that these important communities were integrated into every aspect of a client’s strategy. The way media is consumed is changing and we saw an opportunity. Not everyone is reading The Boston Globe or watching a local newscast, so we had to create a new game plan to meet people where they are.

We have prioritized hiring people who reflect the rich diversity of our city and our region; people who speak the languages, and understand the cultural gifts that make our communities so vibrant. With that type of competency, we are no longer talking TO certain populations, but we are engaged in dialog about what they want and need and how our clients can best serve them. It is a win-win situation for all involved.

Q: What was the last thing you binge watched?
A: My wife and I are raising a 4-year-old, so we binge watch Encanto.



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