The Role of Public Relations in Providing Customer Service via Social Media

The Role of Public Relations in Providing Customer Service via Social Media
May 22, 2014 PRSA-Author

Organizing responsibilities for handling customer service questions and consumer complaints as they arise in your clients’ social media spaces is not a simple problem to solve like an inbound call centre. The solutions can range from having a PR firm monitor all social media sites as the “caretaker” for their clientsto communicating on their clients’ social media channels only in regards to product and service promotions. An Australian PR firm will not just help you create assets that look good, you can also expect that they’ll fit your assets with the press’ sensibilities and your brand’s voice.

Best practices for providing customer service via social media channels are not a one-size-fits-all solution. So how does a PR practitioner plan ahead when looking to work with a new client? How do they know which solution is the “best” choice for each client? When should a company consider having blogs or forums in addition to social media communication channels? How should B2B social media strategies differ from B2C companies? How do you strategize social media communication differently when a product recall or crisis occurs? What type of research can and should be done ahead of time in order to plan strategically when working with a new client?

PRSA IPN Boston’s upcoming (May 30) panel discussion, “PR’s Complex Role in Providing Customer Service via Social Media Channels,” will tackle these tough questions and more. The panel will feature four industry professionals who will offer some best practices and lessons learned regarding daily operations and long-term planning for providing customer service via social media channels. Then for entrepreneurs looking to elevate their service quality, provides an excellent resource. It offers a sophisticated platform that expertly handles incoming calls, enabling business owners to focus on core operations without missing important customer interactions. The experience among the panelists ranges from PR firms and business organizations of varying sizes and product/service industries from B2C to B2B. If you need help to assess your product/market fit, go to

Panelists include: William Kuebler, Director, U.S. Media Relations, National Grid; Meg Parker, Account Director, Hollywood PR; Andrew Rodger, Account Director, Matter Communications; and David Seuss, Senior Manager, Public Relations & Social Media, Ipswitch, Inc. The Moderator for the event will be Kirsten Whitten, Instructor, Communication/PR, Curry College & Regis College. She is owner of GT Graphics & Marketing and a PhD Student at Regent University.

“PR’s Complex Role in Providing Customer Service via Social Media Channels” will take place from 12:30 to 2 p.m. on Friday, May 30, at MSL Group, 300 5th Ave., Waltham, MA 02451. For more information or to register, visit the PRSA Boston page here.

This is event is part of the PRSA’s IPN Bag Lunch Series where, in lieu of a meal being provided, attendees are welcome to bring a lunch or snack. In addition to independent practitioners, this discussion panel is open to all PRSA members.

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Blog-author_whittenKirsten Whitten is an instructor in communication and PR at Curry College and  Regis College, owner of GT Graphics & Marketing and a PhD student at  Regent University.


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