Ready, Set, Go! 2015 APR Calendar is Up!

Ready, Set, Go! 2015 APR Calendar is Up!
January 21, 2015 Loring Barnes

Did you have a New Year’s resolution to dedicate time toward your professional enrichment? Well put away the scale and storage bins… this is the resolution you can keep!

We have announced our Spring 2015 Accreditation schedule, and PRSA National offers an optional year-round Online APR Study Course and three times a year (spring, summer and fall) adds value to that experience via connected web-based Cohort Learning Groups (fees apply to include a group discount). You can learn more via this APR Study Webcast.

We are trying to acquire some of the required texts for a new Chapter APR Study Library through our member professors.  In the meantime, you will find ample information to get started on the Accreditation section of this website.

So persuade a friend or colleague and accept the APR Challenge! And maybe Oliver will join one of your study sessions!

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Loring BarnesLoring Barnes, APR is our fierce cheerleader for the APR program, this year with Dan Dent, APR. She’s co-chair for the 2016 Northeast District Conference, president-elect of PRSA Boston, and Oliver is one of her two executive assistants at Clarity.


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