PRSA Boston Member Building Business Ties to Vietnam

PRSA Boston Member Building Business Ties to Vietnam
July 2, 2015 Loring Barnes

Longtime PRSA Boston colleague Dick Pirozzolo, APR is packing for a trip to Vietnam as part of a Boston Global Forum delegation headed by former Massachusetts†Gov. Michael Dukakis and Tuan Nguyen, founders of this Boston-based think tank.

As part of the program Dick will be meeting with 100 of Vietnamís top CEOs from just about every sector of the economy. He will also be†meeting with commercial real estate industry leaders who are focused on developing resort properties on the South China Sea.†If there is anything Dick can do for your organization by way of research or developing relationships for you in Vietnam, please let him know at

By way of background, Dick has been active in Vietnam for some 20 years, having played a prominent role in US reconciliation and trade with this nation during the mid-1990s. He was invited†this summer to take part in events marking the 20th†anniversary of†diplomatic relations and ties with this nation of 70 million.

In Dick’s words: “Our relationship with Vietnam has evolved from former enemy†to active trading partner and adventure travel destination to principal ally in maintaining the balance of power in the Pacific.”

In the same vein as the White House’s announcement yesterday that U.S. has officially reopened trade relations with Cuba after 54 years (New York, stronger U.S. ties to Vietnam represents another generational shift in global relations and we look forward to some interesting stories when he returns!


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