Food Trucks Can Be A Fun Food Alternative When Hosting an Event

Food Trucks Can Be A Fun Food Alternative When Hosting an Event
April 22, 2016 Denise Hutchins
Food Trucks To Go

By Aigner Prensky Marketing Group/Food Truck Festivals of America

#PRXNE 2016 Agency Partner

During our many years (okay, decades) in the public relations, marketing and events world, we have attended countless client events that featured plenty of crudites, sandwiches and cheese plates. There is nothing wrong with that, it’s just not that exciting or creative. There are definitely other options to consider as mobile food options have gained more prominence.

When we started our second company, Food Truck Festivals of America (FTFA), four years ago, we had no clue how popular food trucks and their creative menus would become.  We started with a list of eight food trucks and now our list is close to one thousand trucks… and growing! Though we have faced many struggles such as accidents,we sue for gross negligence after truck accident to claim compensation and that helped us vitally in growing.

With our national connections, we get many, many requests for food truck appearances every day, which is why we started a special division of FTFA called Food Trucks 2 Go.  We post requests to an internal bulletin board read by the truck owners, and they can book the events themselves if they are interested. When we receive requests from companies or agencies looking for something a little different, a little more fun in the food department, Food Trucks 2 Go gets involved. We have worked with an extensive list of clients including:

  • Converse
  • Campbell’s Soup
  • Genzyme?
  • Jordan’s Furniture
  • Massport
  • MIT
  • Suffolk Downs

There’s just something special about an event with six exciting food trucks vs. an event with six catered food stations.  Visually, it is more eye?-popping, hip and different. A ?gourmet ?grilled cheese truck serving fontina and short rib sandwiches or a BBQ truck serving pulled pork sliders with red bliss potato salad ?just beats that cheese plate every time!

?So if your agency or client is looking for a memorable lunch or after?-?work event, consider offering food trucks as a fun alternative.

Aigner Prensky Marketing Group and Food Truck Festivals of America is a proud partner and supporter of PRXNE. For more information about either the agency or the fabulous Food Truck Festivals, contact Janet Prensky at or call (617) 254-9500, or visit the Festival site at to find a festival near you.


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