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  • The New York Times profiled me and my coauthor of “Escape from Saigon – a Novel” for an article on the medical consequences of spraying the defoliant Agent Orange throughout Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. The VA is now considering the addition of four more illnesses as being linked to Agent Orange exposure as well as extending benefits Navy and…[Read more]

  • Wellesley-Weston Magazine, the suburban Boston lifestyle magazine, reviewed ‘Escape from Saigon – a Novel’ in its just published summer 2017 edition.

    Click the link to read the Wellesley Weston magazine article: http://bit.ly/2qHvIH4Wellesley

    The magazine writes, ‘Escape from Saigon’ a story of intrigue, adventure and romance wrapped in factua…[Read more]

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    Great to see fellow PRSA-Boston member Prof. Kirk Hazlett and his PR rockstars covering the latest symposium of Boston Global Form held yesterday at The Harvard Faculty Club. The symposium covered the impact of Fake News and Cyberattacks by Russia and others on the political process. The observations by experts at the symposium will be presented…[Read more]

  • I’ve got a couple of events coming in the Boston area — I’ll be giving a talk on my debut novel “Escape from Saigon” at 7 pm, Thursday, March 30th at Barnes & Noble Shoppers World, 1 Worcester St, Natick, MA 01760, USA. For details and an excerpt please visit http://www.escapefromsaigon.com.

    IPN event in Wellesley or Weston In early April, I hope you…[Read more]

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    The “refugee ban” is sparking wide interest in the Vietnam War—a time when a kinder more open America welcomed refugees—the most vulnerable victims of war.

    There are several new books about the Vietnam War, plus documentaries and theatrical productions that offer fresh insight into the battle over President Donald Trump’s refugee ban and curre…[Read more]

  • First book talk and signing will be held at Wellesley Books, 82 Central Street, on January 12 at 7 pm where I’ll debut my new work of historical fiction:

    “Escape from Saigon – a Novel” by coauthors Michael Morris and Dick Pirozzolo.

    RSVP: dick@pirozzolo.com. Questions at: 617-959-4613

    “Escape from Saigon” follows the lives of people trapped…[Read more]

  • After10 years of conceptualizing and two years of writing, editing, rewriting and rewriting some more, plus the angst of delving into my tour as an Air Force Information Officer (PR) stationed in Saigon during the Vietnam war, it’s done!

    “Escape from Saigon” by Michael Morris and Dick Pirozzolo (Skyhorse Publishing, New York) now has an EARLY…[Read more]

  • Bands of specialization will grow increasingly narrow. Clients who were once happy to hire PR agencies with broad professional experienced in, say, financial services are now demanding specific experience in financial technology, futures, energy trading, foreign exchange and so forth. This trend will continue.

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  • I recently had a chance to test my chops as a journalist with two daily deadlines – something I have not done since Worcester Telegram days. I was invited to cover the SWIFT SIBOS conference in Boston a couple of weeks ago for the SIBOS Daily, published by Banking Technology.

    SWIFT is the organization that pioneered inter banking technology,…[Read more]

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