Counselors Academy offers agency executives a wealth of in-person and virtual opportunities to network with other owners or professionals operating at a high level in agency PR positions. Members meet in person about once a quarter and maintain ongoing contact (phone, email, LinkedIn, Twitter and the occasional pub) to share news, seek advice or offer input on an array of management, marketing, personnel, logistic and financial matters.

Executive conference room

In addition, CA members can tap into a national network of senior counselors to discuss business issues, operational best practices and industry trends. More information is available through the Academy's community page (opens the national website in a separate browser window or tab).

If your professional priorities include expanding your skill set in one or more PR disciplines or gain new insights into your business, you'll find Academy membership an invaluable way of achieving these goals. Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your PR operation by collaborating with senior-level peers.

For background on this special interest section of PRSA Boston, to obtain information about an upcoming meeting or to suggest a discussion topic, please send email to

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